Friday, September 3, 2010

Toy dilemma

I really empathized with this blog post that I came across on

"When they're young puppies, you may get away with an average rope or squeaky toy, but beware.... soon you'll be finding disemboweled duckies and shredded rope all over your living room.

Apart from being a nightmare to clean up, this kind of destruction can be dangerous to Fido, who will probably attempt to eat as much of the ruined toy as possible."

I feel like this is all I deal with lately. Zipsie destroyed 4 big stuffed toys this month, two of them being in the last 6 days. And when I say destroy, I mean DESTROY. Stuffing, fur, and squeakers all over the place. My wonderful roommate spent this weekend totally cleaning the apartment, vacuuming the couch, floor, chair. Everything looked pristine...for about four minutes. That's the amount of time it took Zipsie to tear off a rhinoceros's leg and pull the stuffing out.

Now as I mentioned, I really connected with part of that article I included above. But I feel the need to point out that this article was written by the owner of a Rottweiler and an Italian Mastiff. Have you seen my dog? She is neither. She can still fit on my lap. Her teeth don't even hurt when she catches my hand when we're playing.


"What is this?" you ask? Oh, it's the indestructable chew ring I bought her 24 hours prior to the picture being taken. What's left of it anyway. I'm sure we'll be seeing pink poop for the next few days.

Anyway, I just don't know what toys to give her anymore. And don't suggest more exercise. The rhino leg incident I told you about immediately proceeded a 2 1/2 mile walk.


Adiel said...

Ohmigosh! Lol "indestructable"

jess said...

Simple solution. No more toys lol :-)

Sophie and Morgan said...

I have some strips of old climbing rope that I turned into chew rings for Chewie...and they hold up pretty well...but the closest he's come to destroying a toy is to pull all of the fur off it so it looks like it has the idea. But good luck!