Monday, April 19, 2010


As you probably know, I don't like ignorance. I hate close-mindedness, and I really can't stand when people have unfounded opinions. I'm okay disagreeing with someone, as long as they have a reason for their thinking.

You might have come across an email forward about the new dollar coins (which, actually, aren't very new), telling you to refuse them as change because they "don't have 'In God We Trust'" minted on the coin. Well...delete the stupid and uninformed email.

Recently at work I overheard a co-worker talking about "Obama-nomics" and was informed that "because he's not Christian, he took 'In God We Trust' off our money." Okay... anyone see something wrong with that? A. Obama is Christian. B. What does he have to do with the minting of money?

In case you're curious...the first few dollar coins looked a little like this:
While "In God We Trust" isn't on the front of the coin, it's on the side. So...still on the money. When I pointed this out to my co-worker, she then became adamant that it's the "newest" coin that's lacking the language. Well, this is the most recent coin to be released:

Still there...In God We Trust.

It looks like our atheistic, demonic president hasn't yet succeeded in destroying our Christian roots. Phew. Close one.

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