Wednesday, April 1, 2009


A·mer·i·can (ə-měr'ĭ-kən) adj. 1. Of or relating to the United States of America or its people, language, or culture.

i⋅dol (ahyd-l) noun 1. Any person or thing regarded with blind admiration, adoration, or devotion

Does this really look like someone relating to the American people and culture that should be regarded with admiration and devotion?

I've got to be honest. Yes, this post comes on the heels of my disappointment that Megan got kicked off tonight, but my grievances with Adam Lambert are long-standing. I have never, not for one second, not during auditions or Hollywood week or so far in the competition, used the words "talented," "impressive," or "entertaining" to describe Adam. He has creeped me out from Day 1. When I was surfing the web a few minutes ago trying to find what I feel are representative pictures of this entity (I don't think the word "man" can apply here), I came across a lot of internet discussion surrounding Adam. I also became increasingly convinced of the validity of rumors that Adam lives an alternate lifestyle. I DO NOT want people thinking this post is any way about Adam's sexuality. I really couldn't care less if someone is gay or not. So please, do not make the mistake of dismissing what I have to say simply because you think I'm intolerant of Adam's personal choices. My gripes are with the person Adam is in the context of the American Idol competition and that is all.

I guess what follows should be prefaced by this fact: I am not, despite what this post might convey, an American Idol enthusiast. I never watched an episode before last season. This season, I have yet to pick up my phone and spend my free time voting. In the end, the winner of American Idol will affect me minimally, if at all. I say this only so you know how much this post is motivated by real frustration with a societal fault and not by crazy Anoop/Megan/Lil/Michael fanaticism. :)

It's no secret that Adam is a favorite of the American Idol judges and, consequently, the American public. And I use the term "consequently" quite purposefully, as I see this as a clearly causal relationship. Adam was named a favorite at the very beginning, heralded for his stage presence and theatrical performance abilities. Since then, America (I use that term loosely) has decided that it agrees. Adam really is God's gift to American Idol. But let me ask you this: Does anyone really even know Adam?

What genre of music will he specialize in when he gets his record deal? Will he have painted or bare fingernails? Will his hair mirror the trends of the chicest women or stand as a throwback to 1960's heart-throb swagger? Will he scream his music or focus on smooth, melodic ballads? Will he power dramatically around the stage, framed by impressive pyrotechnics or sing stationary at his mic stand, focused intently on the members of his intimate audience? Will his personality and style morph to that of a dark rocker with a mysterious quality reminiscent of Edward Cullen or will he fulfill the role of teen pop sensation by becoming the next Zac Efron? Because you see, I have seen each of these extremes from Adam just thus far on Idol.

I'm all for versatility, but I've become convinced that Adam doesn't have a genuine bone in his body. He is nothing more than an actor playing a part. And whatever role he thinks the judges are casting for this week, he readily fills. Megan might have left the show with a bit too much attitude toward the judges and not enough application of their feedback, but at least she left the show still knowing who she is. But as for Adam, who entered with zero personality and has only become further confused, how will he leave the show?

Who is Adam Lambert? It's hard to say. But I know who he isn't. He is most certainly not someone I find of or relating to the American people or culture that should be a recipient of an ounce of my adoration or devotion. And furthermore, what are we--as an American people--saying by so adamantly supporting this contestant who, as far as I can tell, doesn't stand for anything, doesn't dream his own dreams, and so easily becomes what other people think he should become?


Jen said...

Wow. You should send that in as an editorial or something.

Anonymous said...

Your nuts...Adam is awesome and hes the next American Idol..

Anonymous said...

I know Adam and he's AWESOME!


Adiel said...

I love you.
I love those anonymous comments.
I love that this post is clearly drawing search engine traffic.
I love that you got called "nuts."
I love you writing
I love Jen's comment and I agree.

In closing:
Anoop resident.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps your concern is answered in your definition of Idol:

Any person regarded with BLIND admiration, adoration, or devotion.

So maybe Adam is a fine candidate for the American Idol