Sunday, January 25, 2009

So January is almost over and I haven't updated you on any of the most important happenings. I turned 23 this month. That seems like a very old age to me. I have a theory that odd-numbered ages sound older. So 21 and 22 are basically the same age, but 23 is years beyond 22. Feel free to disagree. Despite my depression at growing older, I had a great birthday thanks to my wonderful friends and family.

Two days later, my cheerleaders competed and did a great job. They ended up qualifying for nationals, which is a really big step. We couldn't be more proud of them.

This week I had the chance to go to the Jazz-Timberwolves game with David. I'm pleased to announce my personal statistic of never seeing the Jazz lose (in person) continues to hold true.

Wednesday was a crazy day, dealing with the local tragedy at Kearns and then helping at the region drill team competition. My cheerleaders performed as a guest act there and made me proud once again.

The rest of my time seems to be split between work, church, and basketball. The high school basketball season is so intense, and I end up spending a couple of nights a week at the games.

After Friday's game, I had a weird night. I spent some time up at Nic and Ashley's and when I was leaving, Ashley gave me Season 1 of Felicity to start watching. I got home, wasn't very tired, and decided to put in Disc 1.

Well... I never got tired. I just watched episode after episode of Felicity, wondering when I was going to fall asleep. Finally at 5:30 Saturday morning, I decided to jump in the shower, thinking then I'd be ready to fall asleep. Nothing. So I put Felicity back in. At about 9am, I got ready for the day, went shopping and to lunch with Ashley, and then we decided to watch a couple of episodes together, since Ashley wanted to see my reaction to a few of the plots. She left, and I decided I really needed to get some sleep. I tried the couch and my bed, but as I would start drifting off, my phone or the door or something would wake me back up. Eventually I decided to give up. I went shopping, got some dinner, cleaned my room, and finally at 10pm, I crashed. I slept until 12:30 this morning/afternoon. I don't really feel all that guilty about it, because I firmly believe my body needed sleep!

As far as Felicity goes, I really enjoy that show (I guess, along with the insomnia, that explains how I could watch an entire season in a weekend). It's just so REAL. Everything that happens in the show either could or has happened in my real life, so it's so emotionally engaging!

Ashley and I are going to watch the season finale together tonight. She already warned me that I won't like it, so we'll see how it goes.


Adiel said...

You must email me those photos or something. My step-sister will die to have a photo of both her and sam in it. lol

Ashley said...

Felicity Season 2 arriving in 5-10 days!!