Friday, February 20, 2015

What Do I Do?

My oldest nephew turns seventeen today, which is a good reminder of how quickly time goes by. It’s already been three months since I moved back to Utah. Five months since I was sworn is an attorney. Nine months since I graduated. A year since I began my final semester of law school. What have I been doing all that time?

I just came across a post on my sister’s blog that highlighted the importance of focusing more on who people are than what they “do.” I had to smile as Jenny explained, “[M]y passion doesn't show up in a LinkedIn profile.” I understood exactly what she meant. I know a standard resume is inept at capturing who she is. But in a way, I think that’s true for most of us.

I originally thought I would write this update post to discuss my new job, which I started a little over a month ago. But do you know what that discussion would say? “I love my job.” And that’s true. But that doesn’t really tell you how I spend my time, what talents I’m developing, or how I’m improving or stagnating as an individual. I have a close friend who also works as a law clerk, and we often commiserate over people’s inability to understand what we do and our constant need to justify ourselves: “No, I promise, it’s a really great job. Yes, I needed to go to law school to get this position. No, I’m not an intern.” So if you ask me what I “do,” and I reply only with my job title, you’re not likely to receive a whole lot of insight regarding what makes me me. Maybe, then, we should all start taking that question literally and responding with a litany of activities we engage in. I’ll start. You want to know what I do?

I attend my nephew’s performance of Arsenic and Old Lace (he played Johnny).
I watch former First Lady Laura Bush sit down with her daughter and talk about the importance of family.
I snap pictures as Jenny meets her scrapbooking hero Becky Higgins.
I eat at Moochies for the first time in two years.
I fall in love on Valentine’s Day.
I cut inches off my hair. 

I rekindle my love of dance when I go to Cougarettes in Concert.

So...that. That's what I do.


jessica.jorgensen07 said...

You went to Moochies without me?! Jk

Jen Madsen said...

I love this post!! And, hello. Most of these were w/ me. Thanks so much for spending the last week+ with me, and thanks for that pic after the play. I didn't know anyone took one and I love this.