Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Blessing in Disguise

There's no denying that finals aren't fun. This would be a pointless post if all I did was tell you that the last week and a half has been hard, and I still have three days ahead of me before it's over. But really, when you think about it, finals aren't all that bad. If nothing else, when you leave each one you feel a sense of accomplishment. You seldom (never) leave feeling fantastic about how you performed, but you do leave thinking, "I'm one class closer to being an attorney."

Plus, working hard and studying all day leaves little room for distracting thoughts about missing new nieces being born, summer plans falling by the wayside, more time spent away from home than you'd thought just a few weeks ago, insecurity from jobs not working out, general homesickness and new worries and responsibilities on the horizon.

The Lord never gives you more than you can handle. We all know that. But sometimes I think the Lord gives you close to the most you can handle just to help you gain a little perspective. I'm grateful that the Lord knows me so well. I'm glad that he keeps me occupied so I can grow without fully realizing it. I'm grateful that he tells me, "No," sometimes.

I'm even more grateful for all the times he quietly says, "Yes."

For the first time in my life, I have no idea where I'll be a week from now. It's scary. But it's okay. 


Adiel Cloud said...

Beautifully written! It's all gonna work out!

Jen said...

Beautiful post!

I once heard a talk where the speaker said that God does indeed give us more than we can handle - it's what makes us turn to him. :)