Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Last week I went to the mall here for the first time (yay!) and came across this fun shop called The Afternoon with books and art and clever gifts. I hadn't bought a book for ages, and I had such little self-control as a result. So I ended up with a copy of The Book of Awesome by the author of I thought it'd be perfect because I can literally just read one page when I have a free minute. Turns out, it is perfect! I love reading an awesome thing or two before bed. Some of my favorites:

intergenerational dancing 
illegal naps 
finding a mix tape from an old boyfriend
fixing electronics by smacking them
hitting a bunch of green lights in a row

Additionally, I've always been inspired by my friend's posts of things that made her day. So, I'm combining the ideas to bring you...

(drum roll please)

Awesome things today!

*Getting to school later than usual and still having a spot in the garage*

Telling my clever brother I love metaphors and having him respond, "I like similes," with a wink

*Leaving the library late and getting free food*

Coming home to a package notification slip in my mailbox. I'll get it tomorrow :)


Finally understanding the difference between unilateral and bilateral contracts

*Friends (the tv show)*

Friends (the people that teach me about unilateral contracts)

*Hearing my niece copy her mother's use of the word "idiot"*

Realizing tomorrow is Thursday...

So, what simple pleasures did you take notice of today? What did you see or hear or experience that was awesome? Let me know!


Adiel said...

I love this post! Miss you!

Melissa DeMoux said...

I love that book too...and the book of more awesome as well. They are some of those simple things that have no real value but just make you smile over and over (and sometimes shake your head with a disapproving, motherly look...or maybe that's just me). It is such a joy to find sparkle in simple things. (p.s. I think scented candles and kid jokes are awesome).