Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Where there's smoke...

Last night I was super proud of myself for going to bed at a reasonable time. I was lying in bed texting when I heard sirens that sounded close. I looked toward the window and saw flashing red behind the blinds. I was curious, so I got up and looked outside just to see what was going on. I was a little surprised to see trucks right outside my building and firemen in full gear running into my building. I thought, "This can't be good."

I told my roommate, got Zipsie and walked out into the hall. It smelled weird, and there was a guy (I guess my neighbor?) standing at the top of the stairs. I asked if he knew what was going on and he just said the first and fourth floor were filled with smoke and that we were evacuating. I walked across the hall and got "Bruce" (the only resident in my building whose name I actually know) and we all walked outside.

It was interesting seeing all the people that live in our building while we stood on the lawn, waiting to find out what was going on. About a half hour later, we were let back inside but never heard what all the fuss was about. If nothing else, Zipsie got some excitement before going to bed.


Kelli Searle said...

Bruce! I remember Bruce! :) I never had the excitement of a fire in that apartment, but I do have some fun memories there! Ok, so I'm done with school on Thursday, and I wil email you and let you know what weekends I can play! Loves!!!

kris and meg said...

Hey girlie! It's no wonder you're always late for work... posting blogs at 12:10am! I guess I'll just have to keep texting you to get you out of bed. :0) You know you love me.. ha ha. I love your blog! Check out mine and I'll see you Monday! Love, MSF