Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fall Swap!

So, lately I've been missing working at Zions for the close, familial atmosphere we had at the branch. But I'm learning to appreciate a lot of the positives that come with working with so many people. I was introduced to one such positive this week.

Apparently at the change of each season, anyone that wants to participate joins in a swap. The procedure is thus: you come up with a list of your 5 favorite things about the season and give your list to the Administrative Assistant in our office. Then she pairs you up with someone, and you buy the person gifts having something to do with one of the items on their list and one of the items on your own.
I got comfy sweats, a pumpkin pie, and chips & salsa! Yum! Perfect for football season.
I got my partner a Halloween decoration that was like a little metal jack-o-lantern pail with a candle inside and a sleep mask (sounds weird, but one of my favorite things about Fall is the end of Daylight Savings :). I included this poem with my gift (Don't judge too harshly, it was written on my cell phone during my morning commute. Technically I wasn't breaking the law because I wasn't *texting*...just taking notes):

The year’s made of changes from season to season,
But one change is fun above all.
The color of leaves and the cooling of weather,
It’s the change from the summer to fall!
I’ve heard in addition to weather and leaves
You’re especially fond of the day
When goblins and ghosts and all manner of foe
Enter into our world to play...
So this year to save you from horrors that beckon
And protect you from too much fright
I’m giving you this cute little, watchful friend
To light up your Halloween night.
And after the trick-or-treaters are gone
No doubt you’ll be wiped out, so tired,
Which brings me to the part of this season
I find completely and utterly inspired.
When Daylight Savings ends and our clocks fall behind
And we gain that one hour of rest,
I have no doubt that of all of the seasons
This one, the Fall, is the best!

This whole Fall Swap has me thinking, what're your favorite things about Fall?

Mine include...
Penn State Football
BYU Football
Saturdays at my parents' house
Driving with the window down
Jenny's famous pumpkin rolls
It getting dark outside earlier
5 family birthdays
The Office's return to NBC
Blankets at night
Kids in Halloween costumes
Black Friday
Premieres of the newest Twilight movie

Just to name a few :)


Jen said...

Our list of fall faves is identical.

Nice wrapping on that swap gift!!

Adiel said...

Miss you!

Ashley said...

I loved your poem, you have such a talent for that! Love your Fall list too!!Cute gift!