Monday, June 9, 2008


Well hi there, blogging friends. I know that all of you were greatly concerned and disappointed at my blogging absence and so I've returned to ease your minds. :)

I think too much has happened to attempt a thorough "update" on my life, so let's just hit the highlights.

*So You Think You Can Dance has returned!!! I often cite 24 as my favorite tv show, and I think in some ways that's true, but I am addicted to SYTYCD. I mean, there's not a more enjoyable show on television. The Top 20 announcements made me cry at times (Kelli Baker), but I am SO HAPPY that Gev is in!

*I anxiously ordered some independent study materials so I can get a jump-start on Summer Semester. Yay for Wendy feeling academic!

*The little brother turned 18 and then graduated from High School. I wished him a Happy Birthday by plastering his room in Hannah Montana decor. Not because he's a big fan, but because I happened to have some pictures of her. Lol oddly enough, he hasn't taken the pictures down...
*We began summer practices for Cheer today, and I think it went really well. The girls worked hard and I was in a good mood. Plus Adiel brought a blanket that we shared while the girls froze their butts off running...she's so well prepared. :)

*This week is our family vacation, and I am SO EXCITED!!!

There, that should be enough of my blogging to wet your appetites. I'll try and write again soon.

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Adiel said...

I think its great that you painted me with a optimistic brush when the reality is that I had a blanket in my car because I was too lazy to take it out of my car when I got back from camping. ;)
Thank goodness for laziness, huh?