Friday, August 21, 2009

Yes, yes. I do still have a blog.

For some reason I have this aversion to blogging without pictures. I have neither a card slot in nor a card reader for my computer. So on the rare instance I DO pick up the internet in my apartment, I avoid blogging because I don't have my pictures to accompany my posts. But I figured since three different people chided me separately yesterday for my absence from blogging, I should at least let you all know that I am still alive and I do still intend to keep up my blog.

I have gone through a lot of changes this summer. Some of them I really am not going to tell you about until I get pictures, but I figured I could give you a general run-down of my what's been keeping me busy the last few months. (I just had to read my blog real quick and see what I've already told you about, which isn't a lot :)

First, some updates:
*Matt is doing well on his mission. He flies out Monday from the MTC to Mozambique
*All new babies are doing likewise. Ashley's little girl was blessed this past Sunday. Jessica's is past her fun habit of screaming constantly and is an absolute bundle of energy and fun. Jen's looks likes she's ready to stand up and walk, but more likely will just be crawling, any day.
*The musical is also going really well. If you're in the area, I strongly encourage you to go check it out. (Not just because I choreographed for it, but because it's good!) You can purchase tickets at the door or online at

And now some news:
I am no longer working at Zions Bank! At the very end of June I interviewed for and was offered a job as a judicial service representative at the Ogden Second District Judicial Court. I know that no one knows what a judicial service representative is, so just know that I'm basically a counter clerk. I take fine payments, file new cases, pull case files for research, anything that the general public needs done for civil cases. I really, really like it! It's fascinating learning more about the legal system, and I'm still able to enjoy the wide variety of people that I saw at the bank. You help everyone from snooty attorneys to the tenants being evicted (and I can make the snooty attorneys client because a) my dad is an attorney that is in fact very un-snooty and b) I hope to be one some day. Okay well not one of the snooty ones, but you get my point :)

Not only is the job great but the people are too. It's a very familial environment at the court. Everyone takes care of one another, we have dress-down Fridays every payday, we all bring treats to share at least once a week; it's just a blast.

I don't know if they're all readers of my blog or not, but thanks to Wiebe, Nielsen, Melissa, and Adiel who were clearly the awesome references that got me the job!