Saturday, June 28, 2008

SYTYCD Thoughts

I think I might make this a weekly thing...

As most of you know, I'm a huge fan of So You Think You Can Dance. Because of camp, I didn't catch this week's episodes until tonight (thank Heavens for a friend's dvr...), but here are my thoughts:

Twitch and Kherington--I LOVE this couple, and I thought they did really well with the Hip Hop routine. I wasn't blown away by any one part of it, but I also wasn't left disappointed at all.

Gev and Courtney--Another couple I love, though I love Gev more than Courtney. Gev continues to impress me with his versatility each week. It's cute how utterly in love he is with Courtney, and their Rumba had a lot of energy and connection for me.

Chris and Comfort--I don't like either dancer in this partnership, so I'd be hard-pressed to enjoy any routine they did. Chris seems like a boringly heavy dancer, and Comfort is proof that hip hoppers shouldn't be on the show unless they have something else to offer. Their Jazz was choreographed by Tyce Diorio who is one of my favorite choreographers on the show and I didn't love the dance, which leads me to believe the problem lay with the dancers.

Will and Jessica--I love, love, love Will, and Jessica bugs me for some reason that I can't quite figure out. Their Disco was believable with Will looking like he jumped onto the stage straight from 1974. Very fun, nothing unpredictable though.

Matt and Kourtni--Perhaps my favorite over-all couple. I really enjoyed their Contemporary, though I'm sure I would have preferred a Mia Michaels routine. These two are such technically sound dancers, it's hard not to watch them in awe. LOVE THEM!

Thayne and Chelsea T.--These are two incredible dancers as well but are lacking the "something special" to bump them onto my favorites list. Their Quickstep didn't seem to go with the music well which prevented me from caring too much about the routine.

Mark and Chelsie H.--For a couple that is usually on my "Meh" list, I LOVED these two tonight. The Hip Hop routine was unbelievable and their performance was spectacular. I can only reiterate... I loved it!

Joshua and Katee--Joshua has been one of my favorites since tryouts. Katee...not so much. But their Samba was hot! I just love Joshua...

As for the results, I was thrilled to see Chris go. Not that I have anything against him, but he was the logical choice. But Chelsea T. over Comfort??? You have GOT to be kidding me. Comfort better be gone next week, that's all I have to say.


I remember when I was in high school and would have a really busy week, I would make excuses for my attitude or unwillingness to help around the house by telling my mom how stressed I was. She often said it would only get worse as I got older. I told her that was impossible; my days couldn't be any fuller nor my responsibilities any more.

Just a few years later I find myself humored by the naivety of my teenage self. I also recognize that while I just completed one of the most stressful weeks of my life, there are likely countless more such weeks down the road.

Yesterday marked the end of my squad's cheerleading camp. For a variety of reasons, we decided against attending the traditional USA/UCA camps this summer and to instead host our own. We stayed in a hotel, hired in choreographers and coaches, practiced in a hot gym for 8 hours a day, and ate each meal together. Overall, I would call the camp a success. But wow. Simply knowing that I had to essentially plan 15 hours a day for 4 days for 12 girls was enough to induce illness. Add to that the urge toward perfectionism I encountered because I felt the need to impress a few doubting parents, and you've got yourself a full-on anxiety attack.

When all was said and done, my hands-on participation in the camp was relatively limited. I had great guest teachers that guided my girls through stunting, tumbling, choreography, and team-building workshops. I have an unbelievable assistant coach that allows me to relax, takes the reigns when I can't, and sees eye-to-eye with me on pretty much anything of importance. For all those that allowed the camp to fully develop I am indescribably grateful. To top things off, I had tremendous familial support when my girls performed their newly learned materials at a showcase yesterday evening. Thanks guys!

Now that the whole camp ordeal is over, I am free to stress about school. On Monday I'll begin classes for hopefully the last time at BYU. I only have to make sure to pass 12 credits of class in 6 weeks...Does that task seem a bit insurmountable to anyone else? No? Okay then, it's just me.

Wish me luck...

Monday, June 9, 2008


Well hi there, blogging friends. I know that all of you were greatly concerned and disappointed at my blogging absence and so I've returned to ease your minds. :)

I think too much has happened to attempt a thorough "update" on my life, so let's just hit the highlights.

*So You Think You Can Dance has returned!!! I often cite 24 as my favorite tv show, and I think in some ways that's true, but I am addicted to SYTYCD. I mean, there's not a more enjoyable show on television. The Top 20 announcements made me cry at times (Kelli Baker), but I am SO HAPPY that Gev is in!

*I anxiously ordered some independent study materials so I can get a jump-start on Summer Semester. Yay for Wendy feeling academic!

*The little brother turned 18 and then graduated from High School. I wished him a Happy Birthday by plastering his room in Hannah Montana decor. Not because he's a big fan, but because I happened to have some pictures of her. Lol oddly enough, he hasn't taken the pictures down...
*We began summer practices for Cheer today, and I think it went really well. The girls worked hard and I was in a good mood. Plus Adiel brought a blanket that we shared while the girls froze their butts off running...she's so well prepared. :)

*This week is our family vacation, and I am SO EXCITED!!!

There, that should be enough of my blogging to wet your appetites. I'll try and write again soon.